Coffee House

Creative team of coffee specialists
obsessed with making
the finest quality coffee

About Us

The HORS Coffee House is a creative team of coffee specialists. The impeccable quality standards are applied to our coffee products.
The assortment line of the HORS Coffee House represents the genuine collection of coffee art that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes and needs of the coffee lovers: strong and bold EGOISTE, fine and sophisticated BUSHIDO, uncompromised and affordable INFINITY, young and delightful TODAY, etc.

Our Mission

We are passionate about coffee and work hard to provide people, regardless of their financial well-being, with coffee of the highest quality.

Therefore we apply the highest quality standards to our products — from the most democratic brands to the most premium ones.

Our offices
Central office: Moscow, Droboliteynyy Pereulok, 2
Office in the Northwestern Federal District: Saint Petersburg, Ul. Smolenskaya, 9, office 413
Office in the Siberian Federal District: Novosibirsk, Ul. Chaplygina, 2, office 507
Office of the Ural Federal District: Yekaterinburg, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 76, office 10
Office of the Volga Federal District: Kazan, Ul. Marselya Salimzhanova, 2, building B, office 211