Join the team of the Coffee House HORS' !

Since the establishment in 1993 we were able to bring together a professional team. We are growing and developing at an incredible rate, and therefore we are constantly on the lookout for new talents who are as passionate about the coffee culture as we are.

We are constantly developing
Our employees attend training and exhibition, take refresher courses and participate in tastings.
We care about our employees
Work-life balance, stability and guarantees since 1993.
Quality is the most important
We pay attention to every detail of production: from the search for suitable varieties of Arabica to the choice of sealed packaging that preserves the flavour and aromatic properties of the product for a long time.
We always explore new areas
We notice talent, appreciate and provide opportunities for growth.
Strong team is a strong business:
Coffee House HORS' is all about people. We are convinced that the contribution of each employee is important for the success of the company. Work with us is:
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Regular income
  • Contribution to the commun cause
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Corporate culture
We know how important it is to be a real team! We are faced with various tasks, and we are ready for anything because we can support each other in even the most unusual situations.